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the e40 team

We are a group of experienced and dynamic professionals brought together by many years of joint work and shared values. We work in the fields of social, economic, rural and environmental development, with experience in a wide range of European networks and projects.

what we offer

We provide a range of specialist services and extensive expertise in working better with stakeholders: designing workshop and conference programmes; planning and facilitating interactive discussions; detailed needs assessments; communicating outcomes effectively; delivering inspiring presentations; and qualitative and quantitative evaluations.

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Whether you are looking for expert advice and services, seeking a project partner to complement your organisation’s knowledge and skills or have any other needs related to European networks and projects, we look forward to discussing how we can work with you.. We are open to new ideas and new cooperation opportunities.

About E40

Many years of joint work and shared values brought our team members together for the mission of bringing policy and people closer together.


We believe that...

  ...every project, programme or policy can be brought closer to people.

  ...evaluations and research can get real meaning through stakeholder engagement.

  ...connecting people and understanding their needs is at the core of any development work.

  ...any assignment and product can be made useful, easy-to-understand and practical.

We bring the experience and expertise to help you deliver these aspects within your project or network.


If you are interested in our work and experience, get in touch.



While the core of our team is based or regularly present in Brussels and our home countries of Hungary, UK, Spain and Italy, our contacts and networks span the European continent, much like our namesake, Europe's longest road.

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