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E40 Communications

E40 Communications specialises in the communication and transfer of knowledge in Europe.

We work at all points along the knowledge cycle: developing new knowledge through studies and research; writing and editing clear summaries of knowledge outputs; developing and implementing communication strategies; and facilitating transnational networking and exchange. We also offer evaluation and review of projects and organisations, and bespoke training and coaching.

We work with public and third sector organisations – particularly European networks, institutions, projects and programmes – to support their social, economic and environmental policy goals.

How we work

E40 Communications only works with clients that we believe in, particularly those aiming to achieve more just and sustainable forms of local development. The focus of the company is on delivering projects that can make a positive difference. In return, we offer a highly personalised and committed service, going above and beyond to support the best possible results.

Aiming to better capture and communicate the knowledge that exists within an organisation, network, project or programme, we are committed to building a strong and collaborative working relationship with our clients. We always work to ensure an excellent understanding of our clients and their preferences, and pride ourselves on our flexibility and responsiveness to meet their evolving needs.

Research & studies

We develop new knowledge on a range of policy themes, through designing and implementing studies. Recent examples include two studies of the Integrated Action Plans developed by URBACT cities (2019+2023) and a study for CEMR on the role of European local and regional governments in energy and climate policies (2023).

Facilitation & moderation

From conferences and festivals to workshops and webinars, we are experienced in providing open and engaging facilitation of exchange and networking activities, whether online or in-person. Recent highlights include the final conference of the SmartRural27 project (2024), the 2022 URBACT City Festival and regular webinars of the European Network of Public Employment Services (2021-23).

Writing & editing

We support our clients to deliver the highest quality written outputs for both web and printed media. We help make even the most technical knowledge outputs understandable and accessible through careful editing and restructuring. We also write reports and articles to communicate knowledge clearly and effectively. Recent outputs include edited guidance documents for the European Urban Initiative (2024) and a new Knowledge Manifesto for the European Training Foundation (2022)..

Evaluation & review

We design and implement independent project and network evaluations and organisational strategic reviews, using mixed methods including desk research, surveys, interviews and focus groups. Recent examples include the evaluation of CEMR’s IncluCities project (2023) and the organisational strategic review of Eurhonet (2020), each leading to clear evidence-based findings and recommendations for the future.

Strategy & implementation

We have designed, implemented and monitored several communications strategies, based on stakeholder mapping, SWOC analyses, mapping of resources and definition of overall objectives, broken down into measurable specific objectives. Our regular monitoring has then provided recommendations for enhanced approaches to achieving the set objectives. This has included recent strategies for the European Urban Initiative, ETF Skills Lab Network and European Network of Public Employment Services.

Training & coaching

We support capacity building around our areas of expertise through the provision of bespoke training and coaching activities. We can provide training on writing and presentation skills, as well as coaching activities to review individual or group goals and activities. Recent activities include coaching cities on integrated approaches to sustainable urban development.

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