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Edina Ocsko: About me...

I'm an expert working in regional, social and rural development for the last 15 years. I’m a Hungarian national. While I regularly visit Hungary and follow closely its developments, I have spent most of my professional career in London and Brussels, working on EU-funded international programmes and projects.

I started my work at a London-based consultancy (LRDP Ltd) in 2002 after finishing an MSc degree in EU policy-making at the London School of Economics. I was living and working in London for 6 years, being responsible for research and coordination of several evaluation and technical assistance projects (including the Interreg and ESF programmes). During these years I learned how to coordinate large international teams, liaise regularly with a wide range of clients, and understand the functioning of EU-funded programmes. 

While working in the UK, I also became a rural development enthusiast through being involved in the management and work of the UK LEADER+ (community-led local development) Network. In the past 5 years, I have been working with the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) Contact Point first as the coordinator of the Networking Team, later as a leader of thematic activities on Smart and Competitive Rural Businesses and Social Inclusion. I am passionate about rural development, as it is concerned with a wide range of development issues, including social, economic and environmental development not only in rural areas, but linked to urban development.

I highly enjoy working with various stakeholder groups (from European to local level) and finding a ‘common language’ through designing workshop and conference programmes; planning and facilitating interactive discussions; identifying needs and developing practical tools; delivering presentations that inspire people and encourage them to exchange freely.

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