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who we are?

We are a group of experienced and dynamic professionals who work in the fields of social, economic, rural and environmental development. We have extensive experience in working on a wide range of European projects and in several individual EU Member States (including Hungary, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom).

We believe that European policies and projects need to be brought closer to people that they are targeted at to have real effect on the ground and so that people do not feel that European policies are operating in a 'cloud' or 'bubble'. Therefore, in our working we strongly apply stakeholder-engagement, networking, interactive and creative methods.

Edina Ocsko
Founder and Director

Edina has been working with EU-funded European projects for more than 15 years in the fields of rural, social and economic development. She has several years of experience in working with international networks. She is a Hungarian national currently living in Brussels with her family. Read more...

Elena Maccioni
Senior Expert

Elena is an EU policy specialist who is particularly motivated by making EU and national level policy plans accessible to stakeholders and creating the best conditions for high-level policy-makers to understand real local needs and points of view. An Italian national, she loves Europe, but with a foot on the ground. Read more...

Ed Thorpe
Founder and Director

Passionate about European networking and the not-for-profit sector, Ed has over 15 years' experience of providing writing, facilitation and evaluation services to European organisations and institutions. He is a generalist who has worked on social policy, local development, the environment, international development and more. Read more…

Inés Jordana
Senior Expert

With a background in Environmental Sciences and Rural Development, Inés has 10 years of experience in policy and project design, implementation and monitoring. She believes in the potential of successful participatory methods and networking in order to build a more sustainable future where good governance is ensured. Read more…   

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